🌱 PoC Azure FrontDoor

PoC to secure Azure Function behind a Azure FrontDoor, gaining load balancing, DSA and WAF capabilities.

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Expose azure apps and functions trough a secure FrontDoor instead of direct access (which is insecure) or API Gateway setup (which is a bit more complex, but combining both is a common approach).

Client  Azure FrontDoor  Azure Functions


Create a resource group and deploy the template:

az group create --name poc-frontdoor --location "East US"

az deployment group create \
    --resource-group poc-frontdoor \
    --template-file poc.bicep \
    --parameters appName=poc

All parameters are optional:

  • location defaults to resourceGroup location
  • appName defaults to auto-generated string
  • frontDoorEndpointName defaults to auto-generated string

All other resources are deployed using a auto-generated string or its own name, eg:

resource frontDoorOriginGroup 'Microsoft.Cdn/profiles/originGroups'
  name: 'frontDoorOriginGroupName'

resource hostingPlan 'Microsoft.Web/serverfarms'
  name: 'hpe${uniqueString(resourceGroup().id)}'


  • Access the app without FrontDoor (the demo public function):
  • Access the app with FrontDoor (the demo private function):

  • Access the app trough FrontDoor:

Clean Up

Delete the entire resource group to prevent waste:

az group delete --name poc-frontdoor



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